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Public Speaker Training      


Do you want to challenge community perceptions of viral hepatitis or a chronic liver condition?

By sharing their personal experiences, Public Speakers work alongside LiverWELL and Hepatitis Victoria to fight stigma and dispel misinformation about viral hepatitis and chronic liver conditions, both in the general community and the workforce.

Groups and organisations book Speakers for events, conferences and trainings, where the Speaker shares their personal story. Through this, Speakers raise awareness and reduce stigma in Victorian communities. 

Is joining as a Speaker right for you?

Deciding on whether you want to publicly share your story of a chronic liver condition needs consideration, and may not be the right decision for everyone.

Some people may find that speaking openly about their personal history and answering sensitive audience questions can be emotionally taxing or confronting, which can make the role challenging.

We encourage anyone who may be interested in becoming a Public Speaker to take some time to reflect on your wellbeing and whether this type of activity is right for you at this time.

HEPSpeak training occurs twice a year, however you can apply to be a speaker at any time. If you choose not to apply at this time, there will be an opportunity in the future, should you desire. You may also want to share your experience in a different one of our other Community Participation programs, such as HEPConnect peer support or becoming a HEPHero.

What makes a great Speaker? 

  • Lived experience of hepatitis B or hepatitis C (can be past or current) OR experience of caring for someone with viral hepatitis.
  • Lived experience (current or past) or a chronic liver condition OR experience of caring for someone with a chronic liver condition.
  • Is readily contactable by email and telephone and can travel to bookings via public transport or car.
  • Passion and motivation to raise awareness of viral hepatitis, chronic liver conditions and the work of Hepatitis Victoria and LiverWELL.
  • Someone who is adaptable and can work with organisations to ensure their presentations are tailored with the messages and objectives of their events.
  • Alignment with Hepatitis Victoria’s core values and purpose
  • Can attend a free 2-day public speaking training in Brunswick, Victoria.




Testimonials from HEPSpeak presenters....

“I always experience a sense of achievement and self-worth after each presentation” 

“I felt empowered during and after the speech and people approached me to show their appreciation”


For more information contact us on 1800 703 003 or or 9380 4644