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About Hep Heroes

“Something as prevalent as viral hepatitis, to which a third of the global population has been exposed, with which a 12th is chronically infected and from which 1 million die every year, is more than just a health issue. It is a social, human rights, economic and even environmental issue…Now is the time for people to get informed, to use that information and tackle the stigma that has kept this epidemic so silent for so long.”  Charles Gore, president of the World Hepatitis Alliance

Hep Heroes is a simple pledge that we are asking everyone to make in order to raise awareness and stop discrimination. It is part of Hepatitis Victoria’s 21st birthday celebration, which aims show the people behind the virus in order to provide a positive lived experience and reduce stigma.         

We have chosen our first 21 Heroes who we believe have made a significant contribution to increasing community knowledge and understating of viral hepatitis (B and C). Our first heroes include medical experts, community advocates, people with lived experience and professionals in the field. They come from a range of backgrounds including CALD communities, people who inject drugs, researchers, musicians and politics.

They all have one thing in common - they  have spoken out against discrimination!


CLICK HERE to become a hero!

Hepatitis Victoria has a long history of supporting the hepatitis community.  Many of our programs could not be achieved without the hard work of our volunteers, supporters, partners and staff.  Hep Heroes is just one way in which we can all say thanks and show our support.

What We Do

  • Prevent transmissions of viral hepatitis.
  • Increase access and referral to quality information, care, treatment and support.
  • Provide leadership and coordination for the community response to viral hepatitis.
  • We offer a number of programs for individuals and organisations - not only suport but also information, education and workforce development. 
  • We also work with government, media and other agencies to promote a stronger response to the challenges of viral hepatitis in our community.