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Hep C - Going Viral Online Course

Hep C: Going Viral is an online group program for people living with, or who have had, hepatitis C based on theories of chronic disease self-management and behaviour change.

It is designed to assist people manage and take control of hepatitis C or its symptoms, and to help them set and follow their own health and wellbeing goals.

The course requires participants to meet online and runs for 1.5hs a week, for 4 - 6 weeks. (Please note: this is subject to variation). This modality is particularly recommended for people living in rural and remote areas, although everyone from Victoria is welcome.

It’s never too late to get your health back on track! 

Living with hepatitis B?

If you're interested in a similar course for people living with hepatitis B, please register your interest on 1800 703 003 (free call) or email: