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Our Services


Hepatitis Victoria offers a range of education, training, personal health management and support services to increase understanding about viral hepatitis and liver disease and the various means of prevention, management and treatment. 

HEPReady Training

HEPReady is a suite of training courses developed for community and health workers to further their knowledge of viral hepatitis and liver disease


We deliver a number of health promotion programs with Youth, CALD and Aboriginal communities, and with Prison settings.


We facilitate and run support programs for people living with hepatitis and liver disease, along with their family and friends.  

Hepatitis Infoline - 1800 703 003

The Hepatitis Infoline is a friendly and non-judgemental phone service that provides information, support and referrals. It is for people living with hepatitis C or B, workers, friends, family, or anyone concerned about viral hepatitis or liver disease. The service is free and confidential. 


We produce publications providing insight and education to the community on viral hepatitis and liver disease, including: HepChat (ENews) , Good Liver Magazine, and Annual Reports

LiverWELL Coaching 

A five week long course, LiverWELL (chronic disease self-management) is for people with hep C, hep B, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), cirrhosis, and other liver conditions

Resources Directory

We provide a directory of resources, available for order, download and printing.