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Hepatitis Victoria undertakes a range of initiatives to raise awareness about viral hepatitis transmission amongst young people.  Around 60% of new infections occurring in young people aged 15-29.  So increasing the knowledge of risk is an important form of prevention.



StreetShot is a unique photography competition where young people share with others what they understand about hepatitis through their own personally crafted images and stories. It provides a visually dramatic platform for people to communicate their perspective on the dangers, the fears, the risks, and the power of knowledge in relation to this condition, in a powerful and evocative manner.


SKiNK is a Facebook app for youth, creating discussions about today’s tattoo culture, and educating about safe tattooing and piercing practices.   SKiNK aims to engage at-risk youth through shared experiences with the view to exposing them to health messages about making safe choices when it comes to getting a tattoo.