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This is our quarterly magazine, providing in-depth articles, interviews and reports, as well as detailing upcoming events, support groups, liver clinics, and other items likely to be of interest to our members (click the front cover to start reading or browse articles and podcasts below)


Little Hep B Hero book launch

The Little Hep B Hero resource for families has been translated into Simplified Chinese and Vietnamese as well as animated.  The main launch was held on 26 April at the Brunswick Library. Read more | Listen to Podcast

Living with hepatitis C: An interview

Amanda Lyons interviews Pamela Wood who has lived much of her life as a person with hepatitis C, fighting stigma from the world outside – but also from within herself.


Data mapping in the fight against hepatitis

The Doherty Institute’s Mapping Project gives a comprehensive understanding of the disparities and variations in the burden of viral hepatitis across Australia.



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