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Good Liver Magazine: April 2020 (latest edition)

This is our quarterly magazine, providing in-depth articles, interviews and reports, as well as detailing upcoming events, support groups, liver clinics, and other items likely to be of interest to our members (click the front cover to start reading or browse articles and podcasts below)




As part of promoting liver health for World Liver Day 2020, you're invited to share how you are being #kindtoyourliver on social media. ArticleGet involved

Impacts of COVID-19

We have created a online resource hub to support the needs of people living with liver health conditions, including viral hepatitis and the potential impact of COVID-19. Article | COVID-19 website

End Hepatitis Now

The Melbourne Rotary Club has joined forces with Hepatitis Victoria/LiverWELL® collaborating to raise  awareness about the seriousness of liver disease and need to ‘End Hepatitis Now!’ Read | Rotary HEP Heroes


Podcast: Dr Alex Hodge on combating obesity

Gastroenterologist and expert in chronic liver disease, Dr Alex Hodge, discusses his particular interest in obesity and has shared his thoughts on the many ways to combat it. Article | Listen 

Podcast: Dr Marno Ryan on Fatty liver, NASH

Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist at St Vincent’s Hospital, Dr Marno Ryan, joined Hepatitis Victoria in the recording studio to talk about fatty liver, NASH and the importance of increasing awareness. Article | Listen

Video: Feeling Well

His journey towards overcoming hepatitis C has been long and challenging. Today he is well and free of the condition. Article | Video


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