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The Public Speakers Bureau is a highly dedicated and diverse group of people who help educate the wider community about the issues of living with hepatitis B or C or other liver condition by telling their personal stories. Speakers are the human face of chronic liver conditions, providing inspirational insights into their personal experiences.

Speakers raise awareness but also help dispel myths. Specifically, HEPSpeakers reduce stigma and discrimination for those living with viral hepatitis.

All our Speakers have been trained on presentation skills and are capable of adapting the content of their presentations to different audiences. They deliver key messages and calls to action around prevention and management of hepatitis B and C, and chronic liver conditions.

Speakers are requested by organisations and groups across Victoria to present on topics of treatment, stigma and discrimination, healthy lifestyles and living with a chronic condition.

Benefits to organisations booking a Speaker include:

  • A diverse group of people with lived experience of hepatitis B or C or a chronic liver condition suitable for your events’ theme and audience;
  • Flexibility to modify the content of the session based on organisational needs and audience;
  • Understanding the impact, including the stigma and discrimination, of hepatitis through a real life example;
  • Interacting with the speakers to discuss their experiences with treatments, health care professionals and community;
  • Access to trained, professional and experienced speakers at a reasonable cost

Benefits to becoming a public speaker include:

  • Opportunity to speak publicly and raise awareness about viral hepatitis and liver health;
  • Training and ongoing support to enable you to speak confidently about your personal experiences;
  • Reimbursements for your time spent giving presentations.