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Anne Craigie

I’m a HEPHero because I'm part of an amazing team of clinicians working hard to achieve the goal of elimination of Hepatitis C.

I am a Nurse who has worked in lots of different health care settings.....always seem to end up working in prison health care. Prison patient populations are disproportionately affected by blood borne viruses.

Working as a nurse in prisons, I can't ignore that overrepresentation and for me, it makes you look at the whole picture. People in prison are primarily the most disadvantaged and vulnerable to the consequences of this stark health inequality.

Education and open discussion about Hepatitis assists in breaking down myths and the resultant discrimination against people with Hepatitis. The 'message out' is essential to achieving elimination

Anne's message to others:

Compassion and empathy goes a long way to helping an individual coping with the potentially life long effects of a blood born virus. Your individual actions can help to inform the attitudes and care provided by others.