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Hepatitis Victoria has been commissioned by the North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN) to provide training to pharmacists and front-of-house pharmacy staff to improve their knowledge about hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

Through this training, pharmacists will be able to encourage people at risk of hepatitis B and hepatitis C to seek testing and treatment, where appropriate.

About the training for pharmacists:

• attracts 8 CPD points (4 for each unit)

• is self-directed online learning

• provides detailed information about hepatitis and how it could be affecting a pharmacist’s clients, and

• provides strategies for encouraging clients to seek testing and treatment.

The HEPReady online learning management system provides links to supporting resources and membership of HEPLink, allowing connections/connect to other pharmacists.

HEPReady has also developed a customer relations course for pharmacy and retail assistants to highlight how poor customer service can not only disrupt return business, but it can also have grave health consequences for customers.



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