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HEPReady Training Calendar 

HEPReady Training courses cover the clinical aspects of hepatitis and focus on the lived experience of a person with hepatitis, the stigma and discrimination, and how to conduct sensitive conversations with people who have, or are at risk of contracting, hepatitis. 

There are two streams:


Delivered face-to-face or online (web tutorials), this 3.5 hour course covers basic information about the function of the liver, viral hepatitis (B and C), risk behaviours (hepatitis B and C), disease transmission and progression (hepatitis B and C), treatment/management (hepatitis B) and new treatments for hepatitis C.

HEPReady Essentials can also be tailored to an organisation’s workforce and delivered on site.


Delivered for your convenience in one-hour Web Tutorials, these innovative mini-courses courses can be selected by you.

If four are combined with the Comprehensive Practical (3 hours), you will be awarded with a Comprehensive Certificate. Alternatively, you can choose to complete as many mini-courses as you wish in any combination. 

Although we have scheduled a weekly Comprehensive web tutorial, if any organisation wants to undertake a session at another time, please contact us: (minimum 10 participants). 


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