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Chris Green 

I am a Hep Hero because I have had the virus for over 30 years that I kept secret – but now I have come out to all my friends and associates on Facebook and my social group this year.

As a 67 year old woman who has had a wonderful life, full of adventure, I retired to the country in 1994 when I found out I had hep C and became a hermit.

It had a devastating effect on me when I found out. I missed out on 20 years of life because of the shame.

I came to live in Melbourne 3 years ago, as I had reconnected with some old friends. Soon after a friend died, and we had a bigger reunion to celebrate her life.

It was that weekend that I decided to come and live in Melbourne and reconnect and start to live a productive life again. I have been going to St Vincent’s Hospital about my hep C. 

I have finished the treatment, and the specialist said wait 3 months after you finish to get the blood test, which will be at the end of September.

Chris's message to others:

There is so much info about Hep C now, and with a cure…hep C hasn’t got the stigma it used to have. Never give up, smile at people in the street, and enjoy every day.