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The HEPReady concept

HEPReady® is designed for health and community workers including nurses, pharmacists and social workers and staff within the AOD sector. 

Collectively, the Victorian community and health care workforce is missing vital opportunities to not only prevent people from acquiring hepatitis, but also respond in a manner that effectively encourages people to get tested and treated.

However, many workers would like to be able to do more, but are not sure how to go about it. There is a substantial lack of up to date knowledge of viral hepatitis amongst community and health care workers, which may act as an impediment to disclosure, testing and treatment.


Is to eliminate viral hepatitis in Victoria, it is imperative that community and health care workers are able to appropriately identify and respond to individuals who are living with (or at the risk of) viral hepatitis. This will lead to timely identification, testing and treatment.

So, we have developed a highly innovative workforce training program – HEPReady.  

Our program aims to:

  • Encourage a systematic change in the way Victorian healthcare workforce diagnoses, works with and treats viral hepatitis
  • Increase awareness of viral hepatitis in the community
  • Empower community and health care workers to join in the fight to eliminate hepatitis.

In conjunction with HEPSpeak  and HEPLink, HEPReady offers a three-pronged solution to organisations that want to respond more effectively to viral hepatitis.

HEPReady offers the following benefits to organisations and their workforce:

  • Convenience of both face to face and online training options.
  • Modular training programs tailored to your organisations’ needs.
  • Flexibility to choose from multiple courses at a reasonable price.
  • A greater understanding of the stigma and discrimination surrounding viral hepatitis, the ability to appropriately respond and effectively reduce risk and increase rates of testing and treatment. 

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