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HEPReady Courses

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HEPready Essentials is a two-hour course that provides an overview of viral hepatitis (delivered online) and focuses on the conversation between community and health workforce and their clients (face-to-face) with regard to hepatitis. A person who has been affected by viral hepatitis will also be at these sessions to provide an insight into their experiences of treatment and management issues. (HEPSpeak).  This course can be fully delivered on an organisation’s premises if required.    


“The course provided me with information on new medications for Hepatitis C”. Cristina Francioli, Odyssey House

“The information was delivered simply and often repeated. We had quizzes, and it used different types of learning – pictures, videos, diagrams, etc. Questions were encouraged”. Linda Cropley, Royal District Nursing Service Homeless Persons’ Program 

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HEPReady Comprehensive

This course provides a deep understanding of hepatitis and its management, so that the workforce can share this knowledge and manage the organisation’s approach to containing viral hepatitis.

This focus in this course is on communication between workforce and clients regarding all aspects of viral hepatitis – referral pathways, treatment, stigma and discrimination and communication. Formal assessment will be conducted. It will be delivered as a one day face-to-face session supplemented by online tutorials.

HEPReady Tailored

Short courses can be tailored specifically for an organisation, such as dealing with diversity, treatment and care, risky behavious and infection. These courses can be delivered onsite at the organisation.

Contact us at to design a training program for your organisation. 

The HEPReady initiative has been developed by Hepatitis Victoria in collaboration with specialists with both clinical and non-clinical expertise in viral hepatitis.