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Linking the Victorian hepatitis workforce

HEPLink is a professional network of individuals and organisations responding to viral hepatitis in Victoria. The aim is to maximise Victoria's capacity to respond to hepatitis B and C by connecting those working in the sector.

The Forum enables members to network, access peer-support and keep up to date with all the relevant information around viral hepatitis.  

What does HEPLink offer? 

  • Professional connections and networking
  • Support from other colleagues working in your area
  • Opportunity to share information and resources with members
  • Access to the only Victorian online community for workers in the viral hepatitis sector.
Membership is open ONLY to participants of our HEPReady courses, and invited guests.

People living with viral hepatitis should contact Hepatitis Victoria on 1800 703 003 to learn about our other programs available for the community (also available here).

FInd out more about HEPReady here