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Aurora Ke Tang

"I am a hepatitis hero because I am inspired by the extraordinary HepHero team, and I want to be part of it, joining the action to make a difference for people living with viral hepatitis."



I was born in China, where among every 10 Chinese there is one HBV-infected patient. The silent disease if left untreated can cause cirrhosis and liver cancer. And here in Australia, almost 70%- 80% of liver cancers caused by Hepatitis B infection are in Asian migrant community. Because of my professional background in Public Health and translation services, I am personally aware of cases of newly migrated Chinese mother-to-child transmission of Hepatitis B virus, which can be successfully prevented at birth!
There is an urgent need to continuously raise community awareness of the issue, in order to improve access to hepatitis testing and treatment, and to build a more supportive social environment for people affected by viral hepatitis.
It is a great experience for me working with Hepatitis Victoria, surrounding myself with positive and appreciative people. I believe it's a very valuable input by donating my time and skill in voluntary programs here.

Aurora's message to others:

"Come and join us! Be a HepHero, be proud of yourself and be the inspiration to others."