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Joffa Corfe

Collingwood Football Cheer Squad

"I am a Hep Hero because I want to help remove the stigma" 


I started working with Hepatitis Victoria in 2012.
I have been involved in young peoples projects, in particular the annual Street Shot Photography Project, where I am on the judging panel.
I have a family member affected by hepatitis so I also attend the support groups and events.
My aim is to become more involved and to stand up and fight for all people with hepatitis.
Hepatitis affects over 400,0000 Australians yet very few people know about it, I think we need to raise the awareness level and in turn that will help remove the stigma and create acceptance and more understanding.

Joffa's message to others:

“Come and join us! Be a Hep Hero…Together we can promote understanding and acceptance. We all have a right to be treated equal regardless of any kind of physical and or mental illness”