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The LIVERability Festival 2019

21 June 2019

World Hepatitis Day 28 July, is on the horizon and the #LIVERability2019 Festival has officially arrived with an amazing array of activities in the next two months all over Victoria designed to encourage people to think about their health and love your liver! See the full schedule.


In July and August, the Hepatitis Victoria team will be out and about, speaking with the public all over the state, supported by many collaborating organisations to raise awareness and encourage action to improve liver health. 

The Festival highlights the diverse communities impacted by liver disease and the ongoing challenge we face towards achieving the goal of total elimination of viral hepatitis in 2030. 

Of particular note, the Victorian Chinese Jade Ribbon Movement is running a series of events in July to raise awareness of hepatitis B and related liver cancer in Ringwood, Mt Waverley Community Centre and the Melbourne Multicultural Hub.

The Festival culminates on World Hepatitis Day at the Springvale Snow Festival where there will be fun engagement with our cute mascot Ollie, and the distribution of multi-lingual information and resources on hepatitis B and C.

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