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Why fish this Good Friday is really good for your liver!

17 April 2019

World Liver Day this year falls on Good Friday, 19 April, and to mark the day we are launching Eating Well: A LiverWELL™ Lifestyle Guidea beautifully illustrated digital book and resource, available for free download by anyone looking for delicious recipes plus hints and tips to help improve their liver health.

Endorsed by a range of liver health experts and consumers, the Guide comes at a time when liver disease, including fatty liver and viral hepatitis is affecting an estimated 6 million Australians, and liver cancer is the fastest growing known cause of cancer deaths in the country*.

The Guide, a collaborative health project written by our resident accredited practising dietitian Priscilla Hiromi Correa, and chef Kessavee Lutchmanen, “…is the first of four resources promoting a healthier lifestyle for all, especially those experiencing liver disease,” explained Melanie Eagle, CEO of Hepatitis Victoria.

"We want fast and easy recipes using readily available ingredients that taste good and are great for liver health -but this is more than just a recipe book- it's a go-to source of information about healthy, balanced food, with nutritional analysis and sensible health tips thrown in," she said. 

Eating Well: A LiverWELL™ Lifestyle Guide consists of recipes suitable for breakfast and snacks, lunch and dinner, side dishes and desserts.

All recipes have been developed in association with Kessavee Lutchmanen, head chef at the Merri Café at the CERES in Brunswick. The has also received input and endorsement from people with lived experience of liver disease.

Kessavee began her career in Mauritius and trained in France where she worked for six months in a three-star Michelin restaurant. A fish curry she made with her grandma when a little girl in Mauritius is a special recipe in the book she wants everyone to try.

“We would get the fish from the local fisherman and veggies next door from our neighbour, so I am incorporating this tasty recipe of my grandma’s in the book and I hope everyone is going to like it.”

Priscilla Hiromi Correa is passionate for good food that improves liver health.

“People do not relate what they eat to liver health, because with a disease like fatty liver, you may not present with obvious symptoms, so we want to raise more awareness,” Priscilla said.

“The Guide highlights ingredients that are part of a balanced, healthy diet which favours liver health, and together with the recipes, you will find nutritional recommendations and what to eat and what not to eat,” she added.

Endorsements for Eating Well: A liverWELL™ Lifestyle Guide

As someone whose family has been personally and tragically affected by liver disease, I know how challenging it can be to find easy to understand and yet authoritative guidance around how to eat well and look after your liver.  This healthy eating guide offers practical and positive assistance at a time when it is most needed   -Maria Marshall

Liver disease affects millions of Australians, yet the vast majority of them are unaware of their condition. Liver health is given a boost if you eat well, that's why I endorse this Guide and its delicious sounding recipes which are good for your liver  -A/Professor Paul Gow Deputy Director of Gastroenterology, Austin Health

 One of the most effective ways you can tackle liver disease and protect yourself is quite simple, it’s to eat healthy and delicious food. That’s why I strongly endorse Eating Well: A LiverWELL™ Lifestyle Guide  -Dr Alex Hodge, Gastroenterologist

The Eating Well guide is a valuable resource for my patients because there is great evidence supporting the benefits of a well-balanced and nutritious diet in people with liver disease  -Phoebe Trinidad, Hepatic Clinical Nurse Consultant

Download the Guide

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Listen to a podcast interview with Priscilla and Kessavee

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