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PODCAST: Will Scott's journey to Hepatitis Victoria

5 April 2019

For the last five years, Will Scott has worked both as a staff member and volunteer at Hepatitis Victoria.

In this short podcast interview, he talks about his experiences working in the challenging role of Community Participation Coordinator, the wonderful people he has met.

He also talks about his personal battle to overcome hepatitis C.

Will says he would never had become a volunteer at Hepatitis Victoria until viral hepatitis came “…screaming, roaring and eventually slamming into my life.”

“Hindsight is 20/20” he says, but looking back there were a few indicators he was unwell.

“I distinctly remember one of my friends remarking that my skin had a ‘yellowish tinge’ to it and attributing this to the fact it was Summer time, and that I had been lathering myself in fake tan. This feels painfully ironic now,” he says.

When Will was diagnosed, direct acting anti-viral ‘miracle drugs’ were not available, and the treatment for hepatitis C was a combination of interferon ribavirin which meant injections once a week and 5 tablets every day.  

He underwent months of gruelling treatment.

With the amazing support of his family, friends and medical staff at Box Hill Hospital, he was eventually cleared of the virus.

“I am so thankful we live in a country where life-saving medication has been added to the PBS, and the narrative for people living with viral hepatitis in Australia is changing,” he says.

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