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A love your liver Xmas podcast

18 December 2018

KEY WORDS: eat and drink in moderation, exercise, chew, hydrate and no fad diets

The festive season is often a time when people eat and drink to excess, but is that bad for your liver? The short answer is ‘yes’… but there are some surprisingly simple things you can do to still have fun, while keeping your liver healthy during the holiday.

In the latest Hepatitis Victoria podcast, our resident dietitian Priscilla-Hiromi Correa gives seasonal tips and advice for optimum liver health.

“If we overeat our body has extra work to do to digest, the stomach expands, produces more acid, the pancreas creates more enzymes and insulin, and the liver is overloaded trying to process everything,” Priscilla says.

“And no matter the amount of alcohol consumed the liver will become fatty and in an inflamed state working harder both to digest and to recover.”

So how can you prevent that dizzy, bloated feeling made even more unpleasant by reflux of heartburn?  

“Moderation is the key, there is no need to avoid festivities but try to eat small amounts of your preferred dishes, chew them slowly as it gives your brain enough time to understand you have eaten enough to satisfy your body’s needs, also it helps you enjoy the flavour of the dish.

“I recommend trying to keep to an overall healthy lifestyle, doing regular exercise, a balanced diet and no smoking.”

Finally, Priscilla says: “Your liver already does the detoxing for the body, so avoid overloading it with supplements, it already does a very good job!”

Talk to your doctor or dietitian if you have any more questions.

Priscilla’s top festive tips

TIP: Include fresh fruit and salad, do baking over frying and be careful with the amount of salt.

TIP: Nuts are a good source of snacks

TIP: Plan to have your food earlier, as it allows more time for digestion and avoids night discomfort.

TIP: Chew, chew and chew your food, up to 30 times to really sense the flavour and signal you are eating to the brain.

TIP: Low fat yogurt with fruit is good for a dessert especially if you have a chronic condition.

TIP: Avoid fad diets, and supplements which can damage the liver.

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