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'Top app for liver health is LiverWELL' says influential U.S. health blogger

28 July 2018

Today is World Hepatitis Day, and to mark the day Hepatitis Victoria is officially launching LiverWELL, an Australian conceived and designed app to help support people living with viral hepatitis and liver disease.


Influential U.S-based blogger Karen Hoyt, a person who has lived with hepatitis C and received a liver transplant has reviewed LiverWELL and given it fulsome praise.

"We’ve come a long way since I was diagnosed with end stage liver disease. First I went to a gatrointerologist for a sick liver. The hepatologist helped me to treat the virus. After all of that, my poor tired liver got hepatocellular carcinoma – liver cancer. So now I got to the post transplant clinic after getting a transplant.

"My favorite top app for liver health is LiverWELL and you’re going to love taking better care of your liver with this supportive tool. The designers from Australia are super pumped and I’m so glad they made this available for everyone," Karen says. 

Read her full review.

Download LiverWELL for your Android or iPhone from your app store and find out more about how simple it is to use


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