O’liver stars in a new campaign: Living Well over the festive season

December 14, 2020

LiverWELL incorporating Hepatitis Victoria has launched a series of animations in time for the festive season, promoting awareness of liver health and how it can be impacted by the holiday period.

Although they feature the fun and lively animated liver character O’liver, they carry a more serious message about being mindful of our liver health at a time when eating, drinking and being merry can sometimes take priority, or when absence from others can get us down.

O’liver has been busy with messages around our four Living Well domains: Eating Well, being Drink Aware, with further information on the website. O’liver shows us how to get active over the holidays, take time out for personal wellbeing, include healthy foods in celebrations and hydrate with water, which can all make a big difference to the health of our livers.

Melanie Eagle, CEO of LiverWELL incorporating Hepatitis Victoria, said the messages are a timely reminder of changes we can all make, over the festive season – and at any time. “Conditions such as fatty liver disease affects more than 5 million Australians, and people may not realise that it can be improved by taking simple steps to be active, be mindful of our wellbeing, and adopt healthy practices around food and drink”, says Ms Eagle. “O’liver the animated liver has a starring role and takes a fun approach to the topic, but they illustrate an important issue – good liver health.”

Keep an eye out for O’liver and the campaign on social media and explore the Living Well pages on our website.





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