Programs, Training and Services

Services for Individuals

Hepatitis Infoline (phone 1800 703 003)

A telephone information, support and referral service for people concerned about hepatitis C or hepatitis B.

Information and Resources

We have an extensive range of written information about hepatitis C or B that can be mailed or emailed to you for free.

Support Services


  • Support groups
  • A face to face service (by appt)
  • Volunteering.

Good Liver Magazine

Our free quarterly magazine, with articles, interviews, news and more!

Electronic newsletters

Quarterly electronic newsletters provide viral hepatitis news, research and community information.

Advocacy Program

Assisting individuals who have concerns about discrimination can call the Hepatitis Infoline on 1800 703 003. 

For Organisations

Education and Training Programs

  • Regular training sessions at our Brunswick offices
  • Statewide training that is tailored to meet your organisation’s needs.

Information, Support and Resources

  • Telephone information and support service for workers on the Hepatitis Infoline phone 1800 703 003
  • Free information and resources
  • An electronic newsletter

Partnerships and Collaboration

We work with organisations to:

  • Assist them to provide accessible and appropriate services
  • Develop their hepatitis related policies
  • Raise community awareness
  • Deliver special projects.

If you would like further information about any of these services, please call the Hepatitis Infoline (1800 703 003)