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Meet Our Hep Heroes 

More than 50 people have volunteered to become Hep Heroes and help raise awareness and fight discrimination against people living with hepatitis.

Read their personal stories or click on their pictures below to view their videos, Make The Pledge (below) and Become A Hepatitis Hero!

   Brent Allan

 Jen Anderson

Graeme Ashton

      Neil Boal

   Ron Briggs

Sally Cockburn

 Rose Coulter

    Joffa Corfe

     Ben Cowie

    David Davis

      Kim Dick

 Yvonne Drazic

 Catina Eyres

 Marg Hellard

   Peter Higgs

   Karen Jehn

 Jenny Kelsall

   John Kenny

 Stephen King

   Marion Lau

  Chris Leung

   Rob Moodie

   Joel Murray

  Linh Nyugen

Jacqui Richmond

 Chloe Robson

  Paul Stewart

Aurora Ke Tang

Alex Thompson

 Carla Treloar

  Jack Wallace

Peter W-Crowe

 Michelle Wesley

 Jules Cassidy

  Jen Johnson

   Atma Bindu

 Jen Critchlow

   Elaine Fitts

 Allan Dumbleton

   Chris Carter

 William Abbott

    Ben Carroll

 Amanda Geikie

    Jane Little

 Lyn Morgain

Jason Grebely

   Peter Jones

    Chris Green

  Anup Pereira

  Judith Gorst

  Sam Jones

 Stephen Taylor