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Good Liver Magazine: March 2019 (latest issue)

This is our quarterly magazine, providing in-depth articles, interviews and reports, as well as detailing upcoming events, support groups, liver clinics, and other items likely to be of interest to our members (click the front cover to start reading or browse articles and podcasts below)


New Liver Health resources

New resources for your liver and your health have been developed: Your Liver, Your Health; Cirrhosis; Fatty Liver Disease.

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Adult Migrant English Program resource

Living Well with hepatitis B is a collection of archetypal stories about living with the virus and getting vaccinated against it. Written in simple English with lots of helpful images.

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The Hierarchy of health

The public awareness and support for health conditions such as breast cancer, HIV, and domestic violence is widespread, but it is not so for liver health. When compared the discrepancies become very clear.


Smashing hep C myths

In a podcast interview Steven Taylor talks about his job training participants in the AOD sector and the need for information about liver health and hepatitis C.

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