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HEPSpeakers FAQs

1. What is HEPSpeak?

HEPSpeak is a highly dedicated and diverse group of people who help educate the community about the issues of living with hepatitis B or C.

2 .Who are the HEPSpeakers?

HEPSpeakers are a group of people who share their experience of living with Hepatitis C or B in order to end the discrimination and stigma associated with these diseases.

3. What type of events do HEPSpeakers present at?

Mostly Speakers present at education sessions, but they may be asked to speak at a variety of events.

4. What happens if I don’t feel prepared after the training?

After the training, experienced speakers will mentor new speakers until they feel confident enough to present by themselves.

5. How often do speakers present?

It would be very unlikely for a speaker to be asked to speak more than four times in a year.

6. I feel comfortable presenting to some audiences only, can I choose?

You will receive information about any groups that you are asked to speak at and if you feel uncomfortable with anything you always have the right to refuse.

7. Will you share my personal information?

The only information that we will share is information you are comfortable to share. You may just use your first name or a made up name if you would prefer.

8. Do speakers get paid?

Speakers get paid a fee that will cover all their expenses.

9. What if someone asks an uncomfortable question?

You are under no obligation to answer uncomfortable questions and can simply say that you would prefer not to answer. Also in the training we give speakers tips about how to deal with these type of questions.

10. What happens after the presentations?

After each speaking gig the community Participation Officer will contact you to ensure you are comfortable with how things went. You will also have an opportunity to fill in a feedback form.

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