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Meg Perrier, Hepatitis B Outreach Project Officer is running a joint project with Cohealth and the Wingate Avenue Community Centre in Ascot Vale, to raise awareness about hepatitis B and get people at risk treated.

Three times lucky: HEP Hero Allan Dumbleton movingly talks about his long journey to rid himself of the hep C virus. He advises anyone with hep C to take the same path, no matter the difficulties. "There are drugs out there for anyone in my position to be cured... you have a lot to look forward to," he says. He also reflects on the stigma he faced.

HEP Hero Margaret Hellard talks about the latest developments in treatments for viral hepatitis and the role stigma plays in making it such an insidious disease.


Art Inside 2017: Educating prisoners about viral hepatitis through self-expression. Sione Crawford, Health Promotion Officer talks about the thought behind the project.

“People in prison are at least 20 times more likely to have hepatitis than the rest of the population and we think at least a quarter of the prison population has hepatitis C, but not everyone gets tested and the number with the virus is likely to be higher”. 

Not on track: Hep Summit in Brazil reveals elimination goal by 2030 a mirage.

Listen to Melanie Eagle explain what she learnt in Brazil at the recent World Hepatitis Summit and why, despite some progress, there is a huge amount of work that needs to be done. 

Melanie Eagle CEO speaks with Red Symonds on ABC Melbourne about the Love Your Liver public campaign in Melbourne's north-west urging Victorian's to get tested and treatment.


2017 Nobel Peace Prize awardee and HepHero Tilman Ruff talks about how we can conquer hepatitis and end the threat of nuclear war 


Melanie Eagle, CEO Hepatitis Victoria speaks on the next five years fighting hepatitis and liver disease. 

Sione Crawford, Health Promotion Officer at Hepatitis Victoria reflects on his involvement in the International Symposium on Hepatitis Care in Substance Users in New York

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