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State based Complaint Bodies

The main state-based complaints body is the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC) – they will take a complaint in relation to any kind of public service. They are empowered to act on the Equal Opportunity Act which is discussed here

There is further information on their website, particularly about work based discrimination.  The VEOHRC attempts to provide a resolution process. They have an information line for you to ask questions and give a complaint verbally, or an online form to submit your complaint. You can complain to them about any discrimination as defined by the Act. 

There are also a number of state-based bodies that cater to specific situations. All of these services have a hotline so you can speak to someone, or the option to submit a complaint via an online form.

To understand which services you would be best to speak to or complain to, please choose which location you experienced discrimination in:

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