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Vaccination for hep B

Adult hepatitis B vaccination usually involves three separate injections administered within six months (at 0, 1 and 6 months). 

Infant (new born) hepatitis B vaccination usually involves a birth dose of infant formulation hepatitis B vaccine. Following this birth dose, 3 doses of a hepatitis-B-containing vaccine are administered at 2, 4 and 6 months of age.

If you are unsure whether you have received the hepatitis B vaccination course in the past, a blood test may be required in order to investigate whether you need the vaccine or have the antibody or living with chronic viral hepatitis B.

Vaccinations can be accessed through a doctor or sexual health clinic. The vaccination course may be FREE for an individual if they meet the current Victorian Government eligibility criteria and/or National Immunisation Program (NIP) criteria.

Further information:

There is a current global shortage of the hepatitis B vaccine.

See Immunisation advice on the use hepatitis B vaccines during supply shortages; for: 

If you require a full course of the hepatitis B vaccine for employment or student placement purposes, you can download this template letter (with option to have GP signature) that will advise your employer on the shortage issue. 


Free hep B vaccinations for eligable Victorian Adults


National Immunisation Program: Freecatch-up vaccines for all individuals aged 10 to 19 years (ongoing)


Australian Immunisation handbook: hepatitis B


Hepatitis B Vaccination Infosheet (view or download pdf)


Talk to your doctor or sexual health nurse to find out more. You can also call the Hepatitis Infoline 1800 703 003 to find out more or click on the following link.


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