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New resource: Liver Cancer

29 November 2019

Hepatitis Victoria has launched a new resource to help people understand liver cancer and the potential treatment options. 

The resource is a handy brochure -Liver Cancer- available in digital and hard copy, that briefly describes the main causes, the associated risks, treatment options and advice. The brochure also gives guidance on looking out for symptoms and the relationship between liver cancer and viral hepatitis.

"In Australia, death rates are decreasing for most cancer types but liver cancer is one notable exception," said CEO of Hepatitis Victoria, Melanie Eagle.

"About 1900 people are diagnosed with primary liver cancer every year with the leading cause being hepatitis C followed by alcohol consumption and hepatitis B.

"If we understood the causes of liver cancer better, then we could raise awareness and combat it more effectively," she said.

Liver cancer can develop when liver cells become abnormal and keep multiplying and growing. In solid cancers such as liver cancer, the abnormal cells form a mass or lump called a tumour. Cancerous tumours also have the potential to spread destroying normal cells and tissue and travel throughout the bloodstream to other parts of the body. 

Liver Cancer is the sixth brochure in a suite of digital and hard copy resources from Hepatitis Victoria that forms part of the organisation's commitment to provide the general public with easy-to-understand resources related to broader liver health.

If you have any concerns about liver cancer or any other liver-related disease, talk to your doctor or General Practitioner who will recommend appropriate actions and monitor progress.

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