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New resource: Alcohol-Related Liver Disease

2 September 2019


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Alcohol-related Liver Disease (ARLD) occurs when the liver is affected by the excessive drinking of alcohol and can result in a range of changes to the liver, from the development of Fatty Liver Disease (steatosis) to hepatitis (inflammation) or cirrhosis (scarring).

Today, Hepatitis Victoria is launching a new resource to help people understand the disease and the potential treatment options. 

The resource is a colourful brochure -Alcohol-Related Liver Disease- available in digital and hard copy, that briefly describes what causes, the associated risks and lists treatment options and advice. The brochure also gives guidance on how much alcohol a person is recommended to drink and what to do in social settings if you are not drinking.

ARLD is caused by drinking an excessive amount of alcohol, usually over a long period of time. This can be in the form of binge drinking or drinking excessive amounts regularly. It is a common but preventable disease and the brochure details the three main categories of its progression, Fatty Liver (steatosis), alcoholic hepatitis and alcohol-related cirrhosis. 

 Alcohol-Related Liver Disease is the fifth brochure in a suite of digital and hard copy resources from Hepatitis Victoria and form part of the organisation's commitment to provide the public with easy-to-understand resources related to broader liver health.

Download Your Liver, Your Health, Cirrhosis, Fatty Liver Disease, Hepatitis C and Alcohol-Related Liver Disease, or order hard copies from

If you have any concerns about ARLD or any other liver-related disease, talk to your doctor or General Practitioner who will recommend appropriate actions and monitor progress.

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