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HEPReady® Essentials: are you covered?

10 May 2019

Hepatitis Victoria’s popular short course gives you all the most up-to-date information you need about viral hepatitis and what is needed to achieve optimum liver health. 

Health Promotion Projects Officer and Stigma Response Coordinator Isabelle Purcell said the course is an excellent way to learn about what the liver does, the damage viral hepatitis can do, how it can be managed and in the case of hepatitis C, cured.

“Since the introduction of direct acting anti-viral (DAA) drugs, hepatitis C can be quickly and effectively cured,” Isabelle said.

“HEPReady® Essentials is designed for health and community workers who want a basic overview of viral hepatitis and liver health. It’s a fast-moving sector with many changes and developments,” she said.

A strong focus in the course is how to interact with people with viral hepatitis in a non-stigmatising way.

“Stigma is a really potent problem that can lead people avoiding testing and treatment, so role-playing how we can work in a non-stigmatising way is an important goal of the course,” Isabelle said.

The course covers both the clinical aspects of viral hepatitis & liver health (including new treatments), stigma and discrimination, a lived experience and how to conduct a sensitive conversation with clients.

Course details:

•      Function of the liver (online)

•      Viral hepatitis and disease progression (online)

•      Hepatitis A, B and C - prevalence, transmission, risk behaviours, testing and treatment (online)

•      New treatments for hepatitis C (practical session)

•      A lived experience (practical session)

•      Stigma and discrimination (practical session)

•      Case studies – conducting sensitive conversations with clients (practical session)

Participants  will gain valuable insight into the privacy and disclosure requirements associated with viral hepatitis. Read more about the HEPReady Essentials course.

HEPReady Essentials will also provide you with an opportunity to hear a powerful account of lived experience of viral hepatitis through HEPSpeak and free access to HEPLink.

  • Duration of the course – 2.5 hours (*please arrive at 9.15am for a 9.30am sharp start)
  • Cost: $60 per person (including GST)
  • Public Transport: Catch the 19 Tram and get off at Stop 20 (2 minute walk) or Upfield Train to Jewell Station (5 minute walk)

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