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#StigmaStops: A year of unheard stories told

8 March 2019

Over the past 12 months, Hepatitis Victoria has published a series of ground-breaking stories focusing on the experiences of people who have experienced the sting of discrimination living with viral hepatitis.

In the last stigma story for the campaign, we hear from Andre, who tells us about a time when her doctor had written ‘HEP C POSITIVE’ on a pathology slip, which she unknowingly carried in her bag for some time. 

Upon realising, Andre stated she was shocked and explains about the negative repercussions this unwanted disclosure could’ve had on her, or anyone else in a similar situation.

She talks about the lack of education on these matters that is still evident in the healthcare system, and notes that complaining is an option in response.

Listen to her stigma story here, with all the other stories from the past year.

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