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Alerting Australians to Fatty Liver Disease

1 March 2019

Fatty Liver Disease resource. View or download the pdf.


Up to 5.5 million Australians have Fatty Liver Disease, a condition that presents no obvious symptoms or pain, but if untreated can lead to chronic life-threatening conditions like cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Today, Hepatitis Victoria is launching a new resource to help people understand the disease and potential treatment options. 

The resource is a brochure Fatty Liver Disease available in digital and hard copy, that briefly describes why your liver is vital for your health, the causes of Fatty Liver Disease and associated liver diseases. The brochure also outlines who is likely to be affected and gives advice about what you should do if at risk.

Fatty Liver Disease can affect anyone, but typically occurs in people who are overweight and diabetic, with high cholesterol levels. It is caused by a build-up of fats (triglycerides) in liver cells that can gradually damage the organ and lead to serious complications.

“The good news is, if Fatty Liver is detected by your doctor early, it can be reversed,” said Melanie Eagle, CEO of Hepatitis Victoria.

“Our Fatty Liver Disease brochure provides helpful hints and tips for the general public and fills a gap as to date there has been very little information about Fatty Liver Disease readily available.”

Fatty Liver Disease is the third in a suite of new digital and hard copy resources from Hepatitis Victoria. Download Your Liver, Your Health and Cirrhosis. 

If you have any concerns, talk to your doctor or General Practitioner who will recommend appropriate actions and monitor progress.



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