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On International Volunteers Day Hepatitis Victoria says, ‘thank you’

4 December 2018


Wednesday 5 December is International Volunteer Day, a unique chance for organizations to celebrate the generous efforts of their volunteers and to promote the value of their work.

“Hepatitis Victoria has a lot of reasons to celebrate this year as our volunteers have collectively contributed 1430 hours of their time,” said Melanie Eagle, Chief Executive Officer.

In 2018, even more new people registered to volunteer with Hepatitis Victoria –the peak body in the state advocating on behalf of people living with viral hepatitis- bringing the total number of volunteers to more than 70.

“Our volunteers come from Australia and all over the world from countries such as Cambodia, China, Egypt, Greece, India, Indonesia, Macedonia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, The Philippines, Romania, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and the USA.

“Each volunteer brings a unique set of skills and experiences which makes Hepatitis Victoria such an eclectic and dynamic place to be involved in,” said Melanie.

Volunteers at Hepatitis Victoria do vital research in their communities and provide translated materials which are vital for communicating to culturally and linguistically diverse groups.

“Volunteers work at our events such StreetShot, the LIVERability Festival and the Springvale Snow Festival as well as in-house activities and community education sessions just to name a few, our scope would be severely limited without them,” said Melanie.

Volunteering Victoria states that in 2014, volunteers in Australia collectively worked for a total of 743 million hours, which equates to a value to the Australian economy of $29.3 billion. Moreover, 96% of volunteers say it makes them happier.

This International Volunteer Day, Hepatitis Victoria say a big ‘thank you’ for the monumental efforts of our volunteers.

“Thank you for helping us to educate the community and continue to fight against stigma and discrimination. We are looking forward to an even bigger and better 2019 and can’t wait to see what our volunteers achieve in the coming months,” said Melanie.

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