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Five-year report card reveals first-year wins

10 August 2018

Hepatitis Victoria has released its Report Card for the first year of its five-year strategic plan (2017-2022), listing an impressive number of achievements as well as outlining next steps to ensure the organisation stays on track to complete its long-term goals.

“We are a small non-for-profit relying on the contribution of many including tireless volunteers. But the Report Card shows that the scope and diversity of what we achieve, and the support we give to people living with viral hepatitis throughout Victoria is extraordinary,” said Hepatitis Victoria CEO Melanie Eagle. Read the Report Card here

The strategic plan is themed around five priority areas, namely: improve liver health; support and mobilise those affected; stop stigma; promote responsive health, and drive organisational change.

“We have made significant progress in each of these areas, whether it be introducing a new suite of digital online tools, running creative awareness campaigns in the regions, or reaching out to the Afghani, Vietnamese, Karen and Khmer communities with hepatitis B education,” said Melanie.

Efforts to fight stigma have been fundamental to our work in 2017/18 with the convening of a well-received stigma forum, the development of a HEPReady®Stigma module, a #StopStigma campaign, and a popular Aboriginal youth hip hop video in addition to a monthly video and podcast series.

“In the past year, we conducted 211 education sessions across the state, with 34% delivered in regional areas, reaching 4,934 Victorians,” said Melanie.

A total of 61 HEPSpeak presentations were given by trained lived experience hepatitis B and hepatitis C public speakers to 1307 attendees, an increase of 110% over the previous year.

More materials were produced in Dari, Vietnamese, Khmer, Simplified Chinese and others in order to target groups with higher prevalence of liver disease.

“I am proud of what we are achieving as we are raising awareness and helping to change lives for the better,” she added.

Read the Report Card.

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