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“Your liver needs your love, too” cute animation characters debut

9 July 2018

Hepatitis Victoria’s Love Your Liver-Regional health awareness campaign has debuted an animated hero-liver character together with friendly fellow organs the heart, stomach and lungs.

View the anime's here

The characters appear in 15 and 30 second ads available from this week online and airing in medical centres and on TV in parts of regional Victoria.

“These cute characters are bright and cheerful but their purpose is actually very serious…” said Melanie Eagle CEO of Hepatitis Victoria,”…they encourage people to love their liver, and to get a test for viral hepatitis and liver disease.”

An estimated 6 Victorians die each week from viral hepatitis related liver disease, the same number of deaths as the roll toll and parts of regional Victoria have some of the highest incidence of the disease.

Award-winning graphic artist Steve Baker has designed cute characters that cut through and make people stop and think about their liver health.

Love Your Liver-Regional has already been rolled out in Shepparton and progressively in Dandenong, Frankston, and Moe over the coming months.  It will then be released in Brimbank, Maribyrnong and Mildura next year.

Love Your Liver-Regional aims to break down the fear and misunderstanding surrounding hepatitis B, hepatitis C and liver health in general, and ram home the message that people living with viral hepatitis can lead happy, healthy lives,” said Melanie Eagle CEO Hepatitis Victoria.

There is a vaccination against hepatitis B, and while it can’t be cured, with proper care and treatment, people with hepatitis B can live[r] well. Hepatitis C can now be cured – and there are a range of new treatments available under the PBS.“Viral hepatitis is not the death sentence it once was and yes, it is a serious condition, but diagnosed and treated in a timely manner, it need not have a serious impact on people’s lives,” Melanie said.

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