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Three times lucky: One persons path towards a hep C cure

13 February 2018

In a Hepatitis Victoria podcast HEP Hero Allan Dumbleton talks movingly about his journey to rid himself of the hepatitis C virus. 

He advises anyone with hep C to take the same path as he did, no matter the difficulties.

"There are drugs out there for anyone in my position to be cured...(and in life) you have a lot to look forward to," he says.

The recently introduced direct acting anti-viral medicines mean that hepatitis C is curable in more than 95 per cent of people living with the virus. Stigma around the disease however, is a known factor in preventing many people from coming forward for treatment.  

Allan reflects on the stigma he recently faced from a dentist and gives advice to anyone finding themselves in a similar situation.

"No one should experience stigma and when you are sick, you are not thinking clearly.... contact HepVic for help," he says.

Listen to the podcast here. 


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