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New Hepatitis C medications from 1st March

28 January 2016

• A cure is available and everyone is entitled to it

• It’s not like the old treatment (instead it’s short term, less toxic, daily tablets)

• The drugs will be here from 1 March so start talking to your doctor.

• You may need a range of tests before you get treatment

• Initially there may be high demand for the treatment

• Be patient, and stay engaged with your doctor until its available for you

Can my GP prescribe the treatments?

Yes GPs will be able prescribe the new medicines, but they have to do so in consultation with a specialist (hepatologist, gastroenterologist or infectious diseases physician).

If you have severe liver scarring or cirrhosis, your GP may refer you to a specialist for assessment and treatment

Also, you may need to have a range of tests to see how healthy your liver is before deciding the best treatment, so it may take a while.

Will I be able to pick up a script from my local pharmacist?

Yes you will be able to do this.  But not all pharmacists will stock the new drugs, and so you might have to wait while they order them in.

Download Federal Government PBS factsheet for patients and consumers

The Federal government (PBS) recently released a factsheet for patients and consumers regarding the availability of new medicines as of the first of March 2016.


Download our latest Fact Sheet

This fact sheet will answer many of the common questions regarding availability and access, which supplements the PBS factsheet.

Contact your Doctor or phone Hepatitis Victoria Infoline

We encourage you to speak with your doctor, or contact us on the Hepatitis Victoria Infoline – 1800 703 003 - with any queries or concerns.


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